The Making of "Infinite Summer" (Part 1)

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This song was supposed to be very different.

It started when Steve Peiffer approached me to come up with a summer banger – something that he could release down at the shore. We got together one night and…failed…we failed hard. What Steve wanted was…

…but every chord progression and melody I kept writing was more…

We eventually called the session a bust and I left with some ideas and lyrics from Steve:

Original lyrics by Steve Peiffer.
Original lyrics by Steve Peiffer.

Refusing to give up and relying on some late night hypnagogic creativity, I was finally getting somewhere and wrote a workable hook:

The hook for "Infinite Summer".
The hook for "Infinite Summer".

I grabbed my iPhone, placed it on the table, and quickly recorded the following:

While certainly not the club hit we were shooting for, this felt like it had potential. The original song title, “Beaches and Bros” no longer felt appropriate and eventually this would be renamed to “Infinite Summer”.

The next day, the song progressed into a more workable demo:

In time, I would tweak a few lyrical lines and wrote a second a verse to be sung by a female. Stay tuned…more to come on this one!